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The minute we come into the world we have to follow rules. Isn’t it true that the moment a baby is out of the mother’s womb it is introduced into the world of rule books i.e. to cry? Just imagine if it doesn’t cry, it gets whipped till it cries! 

In the world of designs and creativity, people would think it’s just so cool to begin drawing a line at the right hand top corner of the page and end the design at the bottom left. Wish it would be so easy!  

I love to break all the set rules in my workplace. Keeping all my senses exposed to any form of opportunity is what keeps me on my toes. Mind you there is never a moment of dullness or inaction! Working towards creating a blissful utopia for each of the clients that makes them a proud owner, is what sets each of my projects apart from the other.


Just like all of us in this world are unique, I too thrive on this philosophy to ensure each project of mine is dissimilar from the other.  
People generally look up to various cafes, restaurants, bookstores or salons for a certain ambiance and feel. It is the ambiance along with the other aspects like quality, service, etc., that augments the footfalls in these places. If you observe keenly around you, you would find a few different themes to begin with. You might have appreciated a monochrome theme, a rustic setting, a retro kind of feel or a Zen backdrop. A white and black backdrop looks as dramatic as the zeitgeisty interiors that we create. You must know that these are all created by the scores of architects who have worked in multiple locations in various parts of the world.  

Nature lends us the space where we recreate. The rose plant is accompanied by thorns and yet its beauty mesmerizes you. Similarly our lives are filled with challenges to keep us active.  Viewing at challenges differently and discovering solutions that are not in sync with the hoi polloi is what makes me a diverse person.

Interiors is about achieving an amalgamation of the vintage with the modish outlook. So also, my work is a blend of a variety of what you have experienced. So you may find a merger of rock and roll with a hard rock café. Just remember there are no fixed categories that your dream would fall into. The world is an oyster and you have the power to dream how your project should look and feel. An architect’s work reflects the way life is – totally capricious. You are never sure what to expect. 

Dilip Vengsarkar said: “Yorkshire was so stubborn that they never allowed any overseas professional player to play but Sachin Tendulkar broke the rule and went to play for Yorkshire as their first overseas player. It is generally assumed in India that 35 and above, your career is finished. But Sachin Tendulkar is meant to break rules, so I am not at all surprised that he is still batting even when he is 40.” 

I too try to follow this philosophy - go through the books and still break the rules. 

Even a simple idea to be incorporated and personalized takes time and effort. I suppose, it would be safer to mention here that in the field of customizing themes, it takes a bit of alertness, field visits, importing items and incorporating it to meet a client’s vision. All this takes time. Time is money, yes and if it is yours, it is all the more precious! Therefore you can be rest assured that, when you watch the transformation of your ideas at the launch of your projects you would surely recollect the quote that ‘all good things take time’. :)

An appeal to all my clients would be to dare to dream the dream. Dream big so you can sail in the bliss of your own imagination. Conception of one fanciful idea is the key to your impeccable immaculate interiors. Have faith in your power of thoughts and I assure you the rest will be taken care of.

 ‘It is not ease, but effort, not facility but difficulty that makes a man’ said author Samuel Smiles. Thinking out of the box, and setting aside rule templates are a few things that keeps us alive.  Effort and difficulties in life are the stepping stones to your own sharpened intellect.